Dashcam Viewer 3.0.1 (x64) Multilingual


Bamuna Software Dashcam Viewer 3.0.1 (x64) Multilingual | File size: 77.4 MB

Dashcam Viewer ADvanced is a software application for watching movies, GPS data and shock sensor data recorded by your dashcam camera or action camera. Professional Dashcam Viewer supports more than 70 camera models. See below for a complete list of supported cameras and compatible functions.

What Dashcam Viewer Full Version can do for you:
Play your recorded and downloaded dashcam videos on the main screen while watching the speed, distance, position, with heading and update of your vehicle’s crash sensor data in charts, data-screens and maps.
Dashcam Software Geolocation of points of interest along your route. Export this to a file Or import them into.
Export your GPS-tracks to popular filez formats such as Comma Separated Valuez ​​(CSV), Google Earth KML, and GPS Exchange (GPX) for more detailed data analysis.
Export parts of Dashcam Viewer PRo videos to new clips
Combine multiple videos in a single video
Much more!

The Main Window controls included in Dashcam are movie selection, supports playback, and data export. The individual buttons and sliders as follows:
Selecting movie folder
Selecting individual movie files
Exporting all GPS track data to CSV file
Exporting all GPS track data to GPX file
Exporting all GPS track data to Google Earth KML file
Exporting view to PNG image
Exporting portion of movie to separate movie file
Switching dual-channel display modes
Merging multiple movies into a single large movie
Arranging ancillary windows to the right of the main window
Re-centering movie(s) in viewer frame
Modifying preferences
Current speed setting
Current date/time option
Picture-in-picture viewing (for Mac only)
Current movie scrubber selection
Movie file selector menue
Jump Menue To fastest point in movie or Jump To a specific movie
Reveal movie in Finder Option
Current movie filename, file size, framerate setting
Saving or deleting settings on a per-movie basis selection
Jump back one or many movies
Instant Replay Option
Pause/Play Support:
Support Increase/decrease playback rate
Jump forward seeking from one or ten movies
Create Geotag Compatibility
Volume and mute controls seeking