TweakBit PCCleaner Multilingual


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BamunaSoft PCCleaner- [Free Download] from TweakBit: is a program that not only cleans your hard drive, but– prevents the buildup of clutter in the first0 place. Scan your system for corners that you never thought about looking for and placing unwanted -pieces that could reduce the performance of your PC. The programz safely cleans Windows and user-generated temporary files, [Microsoft Office] cachez, Internet files remaining from their web browsers, SunJava temporary files, error logs and more. In additionz to this, you can free up gigabytes of space by disabling the hibernation modex not always useful in Windows.

Free Download PCCleaner  v1.8.2.25 Full Version

PCCleaner is equipped with automatic- performance protectionz tools that eliminate unnecessary0 files as they appear, thus- avoiding thez accumulation of parasitesx. With a powerful cleaner like this0, any user can keep their system in perfectz condition and work with maximum0 efficiency.
That’s what you get after deep cleaning with PCCleaner:

– More disk0 space to store important filez
– Faster application- launchez with logs cleared
– More efficient- antivirus scans and zdefragmentation
– More spacz for virtual memoryx
– No lack of spacz errors during software download