BrowseEmAll 9.3.7


BrowseEmAll 9.3.7 | 292 MB

BrowseEmAll is an On Site, fast and secure on multiple browsers: live tests, screenshots and code analysis on your local machine. Test without worrying about firewalls and data security. With BrowseEm Everything works on your machine. This allows normal web sites, test environments, and localhost to be tested right from the start. And your data stays safe and never leaves your network.

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Browser tests are as fast as running a native browser
We run all the browsers on your local machine so that you get the same browsing experience as your users. Of course, all browsers come with their native development tools for easy debugging.

Make your browser tests more efficient and less frustrating
BrowseEmAll offers all the features you expect from a modern cross-browser test solution. Accelerate testing with Live-Testing, Screenshots, Side-by-Side Comparison, Code-Analytics and Selenium Testing.

Aboriginal experience of life tests
Run more than 70 browsers directly on your local machine.

Browser comparison side by side
Get your synchronized ticket in up to 4 different browsers.

Screenshots of the full page
Spot design issues with full-page screenshots.

Page Analysis
Find possible errors and compatibility issues in the code.

Selenium grid
Start a selenium network with all functions in one click.

Editions: Enterprise / Runtime / Manual / Studio