Advanced Uninstaller Pro v12.22 Crack

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Advanced Uninstaller Pro version supports removal of damaged and corrupted startmenu shortcuts and left overs from applications. Advanced Uninstaller can even hide and show applicatioins at any time with alphatical order. This program also supports temporary files from browsers and applications with various tweking options. AUP (Advanced Uninstaller Pro) can uninstall partially corrupted Antivirus Insallations etc which will help you maintain system performance intact.

The latest release has built in utilities like Registry cleaner, file defragmenter and disk optimizer which will help you maintain your Windows Registry. There is also a Registry backup/restore Program which will help you to modify the system without any worries of losing data.

Here are some features round up for Advanced Uninstaller Pro

· Easily uninstall Softwares and Games. Advanced Uninstaller Pro loads a lot faster than the Windows Uninstaller Add/Remove programs and has a easy to use quick search option.

· Allows Uninstall, Show / Hide Control Panel icons.

· Disable or Enable Start UP Programs.

· Remove any left over clutter of default uninstaller of a program.

· Manage Add Remove fonts in your computer.

· Can Show / Hide Start Menu and Desktop Shortcut icones and Sort them in Alphabatical Order

· Uninstall browser hooks and activex like plugins from Internet Explorer

· Find and clear recycle bin and temporary files.

· Delete application history for Winzip, Winrar, Gallery etc (Privacy purpose)

· Clear Internet browsing history